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MLB Playoffs Open Thread

The baseball gets off to an early start this evening, with the Red Sox and Astros kicking off the festivities just after 5 p.m.

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Are the 2018 Astros better than the 2013 Tigers?

Both teams seemed built to win when they faced the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS.

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How are the Tigers’ prospects doing in the Arizona Fall League?

Daz Cameron is off to a solid start, and we’re analyzing small samples everywhere.

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NLCS Open Thread: Brewers vs. Dodgers

The NLCS moves out west as the Dodgers and Brewers battle in a pivotal Game 3.

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John Hiller: Come Hiller High Water

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Let’s speculate about new Tigers TV announcers

There is a vacancy in the Fox Sports Detroit booth, so let’s fill it with someone good.

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Remembering some great Tigers October moments

Warm up with some walk-offs!

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

A discussion on whether to trade a starting pitcher this winter

The BYB staff decided to talk about trading for prospects, so we’re sharing that with the rest of you.

The Tigers’ starting rotation was better than you think

Detroit’s starters allowed fewer runs, walks, and hits compared to 2017, but lacked an ace.

Tigers Links doesn’t like all them strikeouts

The Tigers’ groin surgery epidemic continues. Also, Ron Gardenhire doesn’t like strikeouts.

ALCS Open Thread: Astros vs. Red Sox

Gerrit Cole and the Astros will look to take a 2-0 series lead while David Price needs to silence his playoff demons.

Playoff Saturday Open Thread

Better late than never. Happy JV Day!

How to use FanShots and FanPosts

Have you got something to say about the Tigers? Bless You Boys has a couple of great tools available to let your voice be heard.

BYB Users Guide

How to get a spot on the Bless You Boys staff

Ever want to be on staff at BYB? This is what we need from you.

NLCS Open Thread: Dodgers vs. Brewers

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers take on the red-hot Brewers at Miller Park to kick off the 2018 NLCS.

Links: The 1968 World Series was won this week

The 50th anniversary of the Tigers’ third championship occurred on Wednesday.

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Tigers Arizona Fall League update: 10-11-18

Meanwhile, Sandy Baez gave up five runs on five hits in just two-thirds of an inning. Full box score here.

Stewart, Zimmermann undergo core muscle repair surgery

Both players had surgery with Dr. William Meyers, who is becoming all too familiar to Tigers fans.

2018 Tigers player review: James McCann

McCann improved defensively, but his bat fell off a cliff this season.

The 1908 World Series had the best coverage

These cartoon updates from the Cubs-Tigers series are amazing

Roundtable: What did you get wrong about the 2018 Tigers?

The Bless You Boys staff looks back at some of its worst predictions of the 2018 season.

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Tigers Arizona Fall League update: 10-10-18

Cameron and Woodrow were the only two Tigers prospects to see any action on Wednesday.

Links: Red Sox move on to ALCS

The 2014 Tigers 2018 Red Sox have moved on to the ALCS.

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Tigers Arizona Fall League update: Daz Cameron shines in win

Cameron scored a run and the Mesa Solar Sox won 4-3, though John Schreiber gave up a run in relief.

Daz Cameron leads the way as Arizona Fall League opens play

The Tigers have several other players in the Fall League to keep an eye on as well.

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Talking Tigers tradition from a Canadian perspective

Rod Allen, Mario Impemba won’t return in 2019, per report

Rod and Mario did not announce any Tigers games after an incident in early September.

ALDS Open Thread: Red Sox vs. Yankees

The Bronx Bombers are on the brink of elimination after getting hamblasted at home on Monday.

Projected arbitration salaries for the 2019 Tigers

Eleven Tigers are arbitration eligible this offseason.

The 2018 Tigers were the AL’s worst lineup

Detroit’s offensive production was down across the board from 2017.

The Tigers made major strides with defensive shifts this year

Ron Gardenhire and the Tigers did a fine job with positioning in 2018.

MLB Playoffs Open Thread

Join us (especially if you’re not at work!) to talk about today’s MLB tripleheader.

ALDS Game 2 Open Thread

Cleveland and Houston and New York and Boston, oh my!

MLB Playoff Bonanza Open Thread

Four playoff games in one day? Yes please.

BYB Podcast Episode 30: The Tigers Way is too slow

The editorial staff of Bless You Boys breaks down the week in Tigers baseball and beyond.

NLDS Game 1 Open Thread

The playoffs start for real on Thursday. Join us to talk about Game 1 of the National League Division Series!

6* players to watch in the MLB playoffs

The Division Series gets underway on Thursday, and there are some interesting storylines to follow.


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