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Tram No Longer Tigers Manager

As the season was winding down and the Tigers were bogged down in a long losing streak, it seemed inevitable that manager Alan Trammell was going to get the blame put on him and carry the burden of the way the team was performing. Well, all that came true today, one day after the final game of the season, as the Tigers fired Alan Trammell as the manager of the team:

The Tigers announced Monday that they have relieved Alan Trammell of his managerial duties after three years in his post.

The announcement had been expected amidst a September slump that ensured the team of its 12th consecutive losing season, the last five of them with 90 or more losses. Detroit ended the season by losing 29 of its final 39 games after the Tigers crept within a game of the .500 mark on Aug. 23.

This comes as very sad news for many Tigers fans, as Trammell will always be considered a fan favorite in the city of Detroit. He played his heart out for the organization as a player, leading the Tigers to great success and achieving a World Series championship. While this is a sad day because of that, this still is perhaps the best move for the organization, as it seemed that the team was just not getting it done and living up to expectations.

While the injuries and clubhouse dramas were not all Tram's fault, when a team does not win the manager is usually the one that gets the finger pointed at them.