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Trammell Won't Manage D-Rays

Recently fired Tigers manager Alan Trammell will not be managing the Devil Rays next season afterall, as Angels bench coach Joe Maddon will take over the role left by Lou Pinella's departure. Trammell was a possible candidate and was on the short list for Tampa Bay.

There's a high-back, swivel chair in the spacious manager's office inside the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' clubhouse. For the past three summers, it belonged to Lou Piniella. Now it belongs to Maddon, who will be introduced at noon today as the fourth manager in the team's history.

The overwhelming reaction is: Joe who?

And it's natural since the Rays just hired a man who spent the last 31 years operating in the background of the Angels' organization. Say this about the 51-year-old Maddon, he is loyal.

Check out his favorite football team - the Arizona Cardinals.

"I've been a Cardinals fan since 1962 or '64," Maddon said.

So . . . you're the one.

Bigger names interviewed for the Rays' job. Former Detroit Tigers manager Alan Trammell and Atlanta Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton. Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt was a late entry. Joe Girardi, who served as Joe Torre's bench coach with the New York Yankees last season, appeared the early favorite before taking the job with the Florida Marlins.

The Rays even flirted with Bobby Valentine, who managed the Texas Rangers and took the New York Mets to the 2000 World Series and just won the Japan series with the Chiba Lotte Marines.

Trammell also is a possible candidate for the managerial job in Los Angeles, as Jim Tracy is no longer the Dodgers skipper.