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Burnett Offered 5 Year, 50 Million Dollar Deal by Toronto

Sources say that one of the major targets of the Tigers this offseason, AJ Burnett, has been offered a contract by the Blue Jays. The damage: 5 years, $50 million. At least now we know what the Tigers may have to do to bring Burnett to Detroit.

As a team that is already locked up in some huge contracts (Ordonez especially), it may not be the best idea to throw that kind of money with those kind of years at a pitcher who has had injury problems in the past. I feel as if the Tigers should save the money and go for a guy like Ryan, Farnsworth, Millwood, or Morris (if they're any cheaper).

Burnett has a 49-50 career record and a 3.73 ERA over his stint in the big leagues. Doesn't sound overly impressive, but Burnett still remains perhaps the most sought after free agent on the market this offseason.