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Perhaps an Interest in Josh Beckett?

I guess you can say that the fire sale is officially on for the Florida Marlins, as a few days ago news of that Josh Beckett was being shopped around. While the Rangers have been on the forefront of the trade rumors (which involved Hank Blalock), the Palm Beach Post has reported that another team interested in acquiring Beckett is the Tigers:

At least six teams are interested in Beckett, but the Rangers are one of four teams in serious pursuit of him, the source said, adding that there is another team that has presented Florida with a more attractive proposal than the one presented by Texas.

The source would not identify that team, only to characterize the Rangers as being second in the pack. One of the teams pursuing Beckett is the Boston Red Sox. The Detroit Tigers are thought to be another team in the Beckett hunt.

As of Sunday night, the Rangers felt they had "given it their best shot," according to an industry source, and were waiting to hear back from Florida.

Well, it's interesting to think about at least. Beckett is another pitcher growing up in the Marlins organization (similar to Burnett) who throws hard and can really put up high K numbers. I must say, if the offer suits the Tigers well, I don't see why not. He's still young, and has pretty impressive numbers over his career (3.46 ERA) averaging over 10 wins a season over 5 seasons of major league experience. One of the more stated weaknesses of Beckett is that he misses location on his fastball from time to time, which can lead to teams teeing off every now and then.

Question is, should we pursue this? And if so, what do we give up?