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Pudge Named One of the "Top Ten Turkeys of Year"

On a sour note from last season, catcher Pudge Rodriguez was named one of the "Top 10 Turkeys" of this past year by New York Daily News. Pudge, who has been a subject of trade rumors already this offseason, seemed to have distanced himself from many teammates and coaches last year by his supposed rash behavior:


You think the Orioles don't get their due from the media? Then check this out: In the New York Daily News' list of top 10 baseball turkeys, three spots go to Orioles.
Rafael Palmeiro gets No. 1, along with Sidney Ponson at No. 5 and Sammy Sosa at No. 7.

But Mr. Flip's favorite is the entry for the Detroit Tigers' Ivan Rodriguez at No. 3:

"I-Rod managed to blame the Tigers' disappointing season on everyone else, launching into a selfish late-September rant in which he said: 'I'm just going to play 23 more games, and then I need a vacation. I need to go back to my boat.' What a guy. He must have felt he'd earned it."

The rest of the list included Palmeiro, Ponson, Sosa, and Jose Lima among others.