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BJ Ryan Gets an Offer from the O's

Former Baltimore closer and current free agent BJ Ryan was offered a deal by the Orioles - one that doesn't look realistic, according to the Balimore Sun:

Ryan, who saved 36 games in his first full season as a closer, has visited Toronto, Detroit, the New York Mets and now Cleveland, where he's considered the Indians' No. 1 offseason target.

He is also a top priority here, and an industry source said the Orioles have offered the left-hander a three-year deal worth $18 million. That constitutes a significant raise from March, when the Orioles presented Ryan, 29, with a three-year extension worth about $10 million.

At the time, he was hoping for a deal closer to $15 million, and the sides never narrowed the gap before Ryan's self-imposed deadline of Opening Day. Now, one American League executive said that Ryan could get a four-year deal worth $30 million.

So, it looks as if the Tigers will have to dish out somewhere around $30 million to get Ryan over 4 years...and 4 years can be an eternity with a closer who ends up a bust. But for a team like the Tigers who haven't won in a while, sometimes gambles are necessary. I hope they continue to pursue Ryan and Dave Dombrowski works some magic to bring him here.