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Pavano Not Being Shopped?

Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano has been in the midst of rampant trade rumors so far this offseason, including one rumor involving the Tigers. While it has been reported that Pavano wants out of New York, the New York Daily News has reported that the Yankees are going to stay put when it comes to their rotation. Which, of course, means that Pavano may be staying put in pinstripes for next season.

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The New York Daily News reports that the Yankees are not shopping Carl Pavano.

"We think he'll help stabilize our staff instead of taking away from it," GM Brian Cashman said.

Pavano hurt his shoulder in June and missed the rest of the season with tendinitis, but he is expected to be healthy in the spring.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Pavano has been telling friends he wants out of New York.

The right-hander, who signed a four-year, $39.95 million deal with the Yankees last offseason, is reportedly "miserable."

A baseball official told the Daily News that the Tigers, who pursued Pavano as a free agent last winter, were interested in Pavano.

There were talks a little earlier regarding the Yankees not wanting anything the Tigers were offering up for trade...this included outfielders Craig Monroe and Nook Logan. I would really like to see Pavano on our staff, as I believe he would be a nice fit in Detroit with our younger pitchers, but this does not look promising.