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Wagner Signs On in NY

Free agent reliever Billy Wagner has signed with the New York Mets, receiving a 4 year, 43 million dollar deal. This is the second giant (10+ million dollars) contract for a relief pitcher in the past week, as the Blue Jays signed BJ Ryan to a 5 year deal recently (9+ million). Wagner and the Tigers did contact each other earlier in the offseason, but the talks never picked up.

In the recent free agent chase, the Tigers have missed out on both Ryan and Wagner, as well as Bob Howry (Chicago Cubs). Here are some possible free agent relievers that are left on the market (there are many more, but these guys are on the younger side for the most part):
Antonio Alfonseca, Octavio Dotel, Kyle Farnsworth, Todd Jones, Steve Karsay, Braden Looper, Brian Meadows, Ricardo Rincon & Bob Wickman.

These all seem like the best options for the Tigers at this point, both experience and payroll wise.

Obviously, the Tigers need some help in the bullpen category for next season, as they traded away Kyle Farnsworth last season at the deadline. As of right now the anchors of the pen are Fernando Rodney, Franklyn German, and Jamie Walker. Yes, Rodney can close, but I'm sure the club would like to get another guy that can do that job as well.