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Farnsworth to the Yankees?

This was from today's ESPN Rumors section:

Doors opening for Farnsworth
Nov 29 - The Yankees are in serious negotiations with Kyle Farnsworth, but no offer had been made as of late Monday night, the New York Post reports.
"It changes the landscape in that more teams are actively pursuing Kyle now," Meister said. "It's the law of supply and demand. There's one less player on the supply side now."

Farnsworth, who had 16 saves and a 2.19 ERA with Detroit and Atlanta last season, would consider a return to either city. Meister said Farnsworth also would be willing to accept a "super setup role" with a winning club. That could mean the Yankees, who will need someone to get the ball to Mariano Rivera if they lose Tom Gordon through free agency.

(Link requires ESPN Insider to see all info)

Well, there's a rumor running around the internet that the deal is done, as Farnsworth agreed to a 3 year deal to play for the Yankees. I'm not sure of how valid this rumor is (apparently it's on a Braves fan site that requires subscription), but if it ends up being true, that was surely quick.

Anyways, this was the closer that I wanted the Tigers to get. He became one of my favorite players last year while on the team, and I felt he really had potential to be a long-term solution in the closer role. If this is true, the Tigers are once again going to have to search for some bullpen help.