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Tigers Focus Will Be On Pitching

With the Major League Baseball hot stove upon us, th e Tigers will be on the lookout to acquire arms for the starting rotation and bullpen. The master plan of general manager Dave Dombrowski & co. can be seen in this Free Press article.

The plan of attack will be as follows:

First of all Dombrowski wants an experienced starting pitcher to fill a spot in the rotation left by the departure of Sean Douglass (FA) and Jason Johnson (FA) from the Tigers.

Next, a closer to finish out games in the ninth inning is on the wish list. Possible targets could include the likes of Billy Wagner or Jose Mesa. Closer Troy Percival is not expected back with the Tigers after injury ended last season.

Finally, last on the list will be a fellow left handed reliever to join Jamie Walker (who was recently re-signed) out of the bullpen.