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Tigers, Billy Wagner Share Interest

Along with another free agent name, AJ Burnett, the Tigers may also have closer Billy Wagner on their mind this offseason. Wagner, the former Phillies fireballer, is a free agent this offseason and happens to be one of the bigger names on the market.

With the return of closer Troy Percival unlikely in Detroit, general manager Dave Dombrowski is in the market for a closer, and has already stated it's one of his main targets. The Tigers will be on Wagner's possible teams list alongside the Mets, Dodgers, Orioles, and Red Sox. The Tigers do have some advantages though, as outlined in this story from the Phillies' official site:

Another is Detroit, who expressed a strong interest and are believed to be setting up a meeting. The Tigers recently hired Jim Leyland and are planning to spend money to bring in key free agents. They brought in Troy Percival last season, but he suffered an injury.

Wagner is also a fan of new Tigers' third base coach Gene Lamont from when the two were together in Houston. Other interest will likely come from Boston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and both Chicago teams.

On his career, Wagner has a 2.40 ERA and has compiled 284 saves. Last season he saved 38 games for the Phillies, having a 1.51 ERA for the season.