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And The Polanco Trade Looks That Much Better

After an altercation that occurred on a plane involving Ugueth Urbina, Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers quickly shipped him off to Philadelphia for second baseman Placido Polanco. On one hand, Polanco won "Tiger of the Year" about a week ago, and Urbina is currently being charged with attempted murder. For all of the bad moves the Tigers front office has made over the years, this one finally gives us as Tiger fans a breath of fresh air.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ugueth Urbina was arrested as Venezuelan authorities sought to charge him with attempted murder for an assault on several employees last month, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Last month, Urbina and a group of men allegedly attacked five workers with machetes and poured gasoline on them in an attempt to set them on fire. All five were injured, some of them with cuts and one with burns on the back and right arm, police said.

Urbina, who was detained late Monday, has insisted he had nothing to do with the violence at his family's ranch on Oct. 16.