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Baugh Traded; Wilson Re-Signed

In some Tiger news today, the deal that brings Kenny Rogers to Detroit was finalized. News of this trade came about a few days ago, but today it became official. In order to make room for Rogers on the roster, the Tigers traded pitcher Kenny Baugh to the San Diego Padres:

The Tigers officially announced their two-year contract with free agent left-hander Kenny Rogers on Monday while also announcing they've traded former first-round draft pick Kenny Baugh to the Padres for Ricky Steik.

So thus ends Kenny Baugh's career in the Detroit organization, a career in which never saw the big leagues. Baugh was a top draft pick for the Tigers in 2001, suffered injuries early in his career, and made it as far as the Toledo starting rotation before his trade. Steik has one year experience in single A ball. Last year he had a pretty impressive 2.40 ERA in 60 innings pitched, although he never picked up a win (0-6 record).

This was obviously a roster dump as the Tigers needed to make the room for Rogers on the team. While I would have liked to see Kenny get a chance to prove his worth the same way that Grilli, Good, and Douglass did, I still don't mind seeing him move if it was a fact he was never going to pitch in Detroit.

Another move today was the re-signing of catcher Vance Wilson. Wilson didn't have the best season though, but I believe he can bounce back and be a better backup catcher this season:

The Tigers have reached a preliminary agreement with backup catcher Vance Wilson on a one-year, $750,000 contract.
A $10,000 paycut for Wilson, who hit .197/.275/.283 in 152 at-bats last season.

(courtesy rotoworld)

This re-signing probably tells us that Pudge will be back and that things are going to look similar to last season. This also means that Inge will once again not be doing any catching this season and will probably be our everyday 3rd baseman for the second season in a row. That is, unless we sign one this offseason.