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Kris Benson?

I'm just posting a rumor that was thrown out in the Rocky Mountain News today regarding the Tigers.

With baseball officials set to gather in Dallas for the annual winter meetings next week, here are some rumors heating up on the hot stove league:
Detroit offers catcher Ivan Rodriguez to the New York Mets for right-handed pitcher Kris Benson.

Hmmm...interesting. While there already have been trade talks going on involving Pudge to the Mets (for SS Kaz Matsui last time I heard), this one sounds a little more appealing, especially considering the Tigers need for pitching this offseason. Benson is 30 years old, and has been a consistently good pitcher over his career. He has a 4.25 career ERA, and 1.37 whip. He also strikes out 6+ batters per 9 innings. Nothing totally jumps out at you about him, but he'd be better than nothing.

He is on schedule to make 7.5 million in 2006 and 2007, with an option of the same value for 2008.

The only question is how would we fill the catcher role if Pudge leaves? Of course the Tigers could put Brandon Inge back behind the plate, but looking at his numbers Brandon has done much better as a utility player/3rd baseman. That could be because he caught earlier in his career and has improved since then, but I'd like us to keep Brandon in the field (pref as a utility player). That would mean we'd have to lure in a free agent catcher, which could end up leaving us high and dry at that position.

Oh, and another thing...Benson has a pretty hot wife (sorry for the lack of pics).