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Tigers Interested in Nomah

First of all, there are several new articles by Lynn Henning today:

All pretty interesting, so you should check them out.

I found something interesting that I don't think I've posted about once here at BYB...the Tigers may be interested in former Red Sox SS Nomar Garciaparra as an option in the infield:

Nomar Garciaparra is free to join the team of his choice, and that's fine with a host of clubs who are interested in the one-time Red Sox prize who hasn't been the same since injuries and a trade to the Cubs sent his star into descent.

Garciaparra turns 33 next year and, if healthy -- which is the forecast -- likely has some mileage remaining. The Indians have been thinking about him, and -- if the Tigers were to move Brandon Inge back to catcher -- Detroit might also take a shot.

If Inge faced a return trip to his old job, the Tigers would be looking for infield depth. And Garciaparra would, conceivably, be the kind of player Detroit would want on hand for a couple of seasons at a price he might find attractive.

Nomar would need to be a last option, and as the article says, especially if Brandon Inge has to take on the catchers role. If the Tigers do trade Pudge Rodriguez Inge may get to stay at his current role, only if the Tigers can find some sort of catcher through free agency or trade:
Had there not been a couple of fine free-agent catchers on the autumn market -- Bengie Molina and Ramon Hernandez -- Rodriguez might already have been working for a new team. Trying to make happy an unhappy 34-year-old player is difficult, if not impossible, especially when the player is Pudge. The Tigers aren't saying anything, which is understandable. But they have their contingencies, one of which would be to move Inge back behind the plate and go with Guillen, Infante and Polanco on the infield. That is, if Pudge is traded or, eventually, cut loose.

They will try to re-sign Vance Wilson. But he isn't an everyday catcher, which still leaves Inge as the only real option should a catcher not be part of any trade return for the Tigers.

I like Inge in the utility role, and wouldn't like to see the Tigers have to use him as an everyday catcher. While I would like to see Pudge at catcher next season rather than Inge, I still wouldn't be against trading long as the exchange was favorable. I don't want to rush Pudge out of town just for the sake of making a move. He's still extremely valuable defensively and still has potential to put up great numbers at the plate.