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Perhaps No News is Good News

It's been slow the last couple of days around Tiger Town, void of rumors or any kind of groundbreaking transactions for the ballclub. In fact, outside of Nomar signing with the Dodgers there has not been much going on in all of the MLB after the winter meetings have concluded.

Perhaps this is good news for the Tigers...perhaps not. After a "big" move early last offseason (Percival signing), the Tigers did not do too much until late, when Magglio Ordonez came on board. This season they signed Jones and Rogers relatively early, and we may not see another move for some time if the period of quietness (is that a word?) continues.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't mind watching the Tigers not make moves for the sake of making moves. It sound cliche, but it's the truth. We have a couple of young guys who are projected to have bright futures, and I would like to watch us make smart economic decisions and hope for the best with what we have brought up through the system. It may take longer in some instances, but for every great signing these days there seems to be 2 or 3 bad ones.

Hopefully there will be more to write about the Tigers and discuss in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully Dombrowski can make a couple more tweeks to the system and bring in more pieces of the puzzle. Any suggestions?