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Open Thread: 6/29/05 White Sox @ Tigers


Brandon McCarthy (0-1, 8.40) takes the hill against Jason Johnson (5-6, 3.35) tonight. McCarthy is a hot prospect who pitched fairly poorly in Triple-A before coming in to replace the injured El Duque for the White Sox and pitching really poorly. He should face a Tiger lineup that's only a Magglio short of its optimal configuration, as the Tigers try to break what is suddenly a nasty skid (losers of 4 of 5).

In other news, Ordonez went 0-4 today in Toledo to drop his Triple-A average to .100. His one hit in the minors is, of course, his only hit on the season.

Update [2005-6-29 15:38:19 by Jeff]:The Tigers leading front page of A miracle. The article, if you don't get ESPNInsider, says they used to be really bad but then they got Pudge and Guillen and Inge got better. Perhaps not the most revolutionary content ever, but nice to see it up there.