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White Sox 2-1 Tigers

Well, at least it didn't take long (a quick 2:29). As predicted, Mark Buehrle handled the Tigers tonight, though we did manage to hit a bunch of singles and chase him in the seventh.

--The reassuring sign: Nate Robertson pitched brilliantly (7 IP, 2 R, 9 K), again, and recovered some of his strikeout form from last year.

--The ninth inning culprits: The Tigers lost this one after a leadoff triple in the bottom of the ninth, trailing 2-1. Dmitri Young and Craig Monroe failed to score the tying runner from third with less than two outs. Shame, shame.

--The scary sign: No walks by Tiger hitters, on a night when Buehrle didn't have his best stuff. The only team to draw fewer walks this year is the Neifi-riffic Chicago Cubs.

--The meaningless stat: Chris Spurling and Kyle Farnsworth pitched perfect eighth and ninth innings in 10 and 6 pitches, respectively. Ugueth Urtain Urbina who?