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Open Thread: 7/18/05 Tigers @ White Sox


Sean Douglass (2-0, 2.65) takes the hill tonight against Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez (7-2, 4.88). You may remember the White Sox from such series as their sweep of the Tigers three weeks ago. Don't worry, they still haven't slowed down and they are virtual locks to win the division, with a 12-game lead over the Twins.

You may remember El Duque from such heroics as his playoff wins for the Yankees. I bet not even he knows how old he actually is.

You may remember Sean Douglass from his low-expectation minor-league callup last month. He's pitched beyond anyone's wildest dreams so far, giving the Tigers quality, if short, outings every time out. I'll actually be at this game tonight, and I'll formulate some kind of unfounded opinion on how likely Douglass is to keep performing so effectively.