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Farnsworth Dealt

According the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Kyle Farnsworth is now an Atlanta Brave.

The Braves are close to completing a deal for Detroit reliever Kyle Farnsworth, a flame thrower and Milton High graduate who could serve as a setup man or closer.

Members of the Braves and Tigers organizations said the Braves would give up right-hander Roman Colon and minor league right-hander Zach Miner for the former Cub with the 100-mph fastball and the short fuse. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound Farnsworth has twice been suspended for on-field brawls and doesn't hesitate to throw down his glove and put up his fists if challenged.

I'm pretty shocked at this occurrence, as it seemed the Tigers were going to stand still at the deadline. A lot of Tigers fans will be shocked by this move seeing that Farnsworth wasn't a name that was being thrown around a lot in trade rumors. People are really high on Colon, he is looking to be a pitcher with loads of potential. I haven't heard too much on Miner as of right now.

Roman Colon
2005 Stats - Atlanta Braves
G: 23 W: 1 L: 5 ERA: 5.28 Ks: 30 BB: 14 WHIP: 1.38