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Open Thread: 7/4/05 Tigers @ Indians -- Game 1


Come one, come all, for an Independence Day baseball spectacular. On tap: two games for the Detroit Tigers against the streaking Cleveland Indians. Jason Johnson (5-6, 3.39) squares off against the 4-3 Scott Elarton, whose ERAs are declining nicely into mediocrity year by year: 7.06, 6.27. 5.90, and this year's 4.99. Lucky for the Tigers' sleepy bats, he's not quite mediocre yet. The real fireworks will be tonight, when a young phenom takes the hill. But for now, let's focus on the day quotient of this day-night double bill, and giving the young rookie a short winning streak to work with.

Update [2005-7-4 13:46:44 by Jeff]: I understated how effective Elarton has been (4.30 ERA in May, 3.77 in June), distracted by memories of his self-destructions at Fields Enron and Coors. He's certainly mowing through the Tigers early, though I suspect Johnson will keep us in it.