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Open Thread: 8/13/05 Tigers @ Royals


Jason Johnson (7-9, 4.06) vs. Jose Lima (4-10, 6.84), take two. Rain last night, and we can look forward to a double-dip at Kauffman on September 20th. I wonder if rain in the forecast this weekend is the reason they're not making the series up now.

In other news:

Ivan Rodriguez was late getting back to the Detroit Tigers on Friday and manager Alan Trammell acknowledged he was "disappointed." Rodriguez completed his four-game suspension on Thursday and was supposed to rejoin the Tigers for the start of their three-game series in Kansas City. Trammell said he was told that Rodriguez's flight had been delayed and that the catcher had been conducting personal business in Colombia. "I'm disappointed, as we all are. I was going to have him in the lineup," Trammell said before the game. "But he's not here, so other than that, 'til we see him, I don't really know. But I'm not going to put him in the lineup. I'm not going to change it. I'm not going to do that.