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Open Thread: 8/15/05 Red Sox @ Tigers


Bronson Arroyo (10-7, 4.28) leads the World Champion Boston Red Sox into town today against the Tigers. Sean Douglass (4-2, 4.08) will try to keep the BoSox down.

This will quite obviously be Douglass' toughest task as a Tiger. How good is the Sox's offense? Well., they lead the majors in runs, hits, and OPS. Their three and four hitters have a combined 207 RBI. Their leadoff hitter is leading the AL batting race. Their journeyman subs are hitting the snot out of the ball. They are an expensive team whose planners spent a lot of money but spent it wisely, even if the pitching is a lot shakier this year.

And what do the Tigers counter with? A winning streak! Momentum! A sweep of those division-rival Royals and new-found confidence! Not to mention the knowledge that Arroyo shut them down last time (8 IP, 3 H, 1 R), so this time they'll certainly have his number. Um, yeah. How's that for analysis?