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Granderson's Back, Rondell's Out For a Long Time

RondDL White goes to where he's most comfortable, and Piece of the Future(TM) Curtis Granderson is back in Detroit.

This is not a run of the mill bicep strain for White, however, jokes about his penchant for injuries aside. He's in some serious trouble:

It was bad. Rondell White stayed on the ground in pain after diving for what would become an inside-the-park home run. His shoulder was dislocated, the second time he'd done this to his left shoulder. The oft-injured White may need surgery to reduce and control the shoulder, something that would end his season and could end his career.
Rondell White's days in a Tiger uniform are likely over. His legacy will be one of decent if streaky production at a reasonable price when the Tigers had no alternative. He's been good at all the things his teammates are, though - batting .300 with a small-to-moderate amount of power -- and not so good at the defense or the speed or the getting on base.