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Open Thread: 8/17/05 Red Sox @ Tigers


I'm no betting man, but which team would you favor? The excellent hitting team with the famous old mediocre starter, or the mediocre hitting team with the stellar young pitcher. Probably the former, which is what Vegas does, but the Red Sox only pay 2-3. Bonderman shouldn't be sold short like that.

So, yes, it's old David Wells, who people forget wasn't a fulltime starter until his time with the Tigers, against Jeremy Bonderman, twenty years his junior and half again the pitcher.

Wells has only walked 12 hitters this year, though, and the Tigers are last in the majors in accepting free passes. What happens when the unstoppable force meets the very movable object? No walks, and few big innnings, that's what happens. Perhaps the Red Sox at -150 is a reasonable bet.