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Open Thread: 8/2/05 Mariners @ Tigers


The Tigers slink back home after a moderately disastrous road trip. Pacing them mile for mile on their cross-country pilgrimage were the last-place Seattle Mariners, a team that took two out of three from the Detroiters last week. They'll start Jorge Campillo tonight, a 26-year-old rookie making his second appearance of the season and first start. Campillo is a changeup pitcher who spent nine years in the Mexican League before pitching well in Triple-A this season. He threw one big-league inning in May, and this time he's up to replace the booted Aaron Sele. I have definitely never heard of him, but I have heard of another rookie set to start the third game of the series: King Felix. The top pitching prospect in all of baseball, Felix Hernandez, will make his ML debut in Detroit on Thursday. I'm not a big fan of bouncing Verlander in and out of the majors, but it would be entertaining to have him pitch Thursday as well.

The Tigers counter tonight with Jason Johnson (7-8, 4.16), the only winning Tiger pitcher in last week's Seattle series, who has seen his ERA rise more than a run in the last six weeks.