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Open Thread: 8/20/05 Blue Jays @ Tigers


Open thread quick hits:

--Gustavo Chacin faces off against Jason Johnson today.
--The Tigers helped Chacin's ROY cause last week with a meek offensive effort against the young Venezuelan.
--Pitchers named Chacin and Chacon are starting today in the bigs.
--The Tigers hit a season-high five home runs yesterday.
--Two were hit by the newly-recalled Carlos Pena. Man, how happy was he?
--Pena creates a bit of a logjam, as he Dmitri Young, and Chris Shelton all should be playing first base or DH. How can you not play Pena today?
--Here's how: Chacon is a lefty.
--Back in his days with the Reds, Dmitri Young was a bit of a utility man, if a hefty one. He played first, third, left, and right. Might he play a lot of left field with Rondell White out?
--Young is a bad leftfielder, the worst in the league in some of the seasons he played there.
--Is an outfield of Young-Granderson-Ordonez a recipe for disaster in Comerica Park? Methinks we'll get a chance to see.