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Open Thread: 8/23/05 Athletics @ Tigers


Dan Haren (10-9, 4.00) squares off against Nate Robertson (5-10, 4.00) tonight at 7:05.

The A's would have been a lot scarier two weeks ago, before their bats went silent and they went out and lost seven of nine. They've fallen into what is effectively a three way tie with the Yankees and Cleveland for the AL Wild Card lead, and fans in the East Bay are getting nervous. This team lost two out of three at home to KC this weekend. They can be beaten.

And they better be. Look at the Tigers' upcoming series:

3 vs. Oakland
3 at Boston
3 at Cleveland
4 vs. White Sox

No off days, and no patsies.

On a personal note, the Tigers are on TV at my house (in San Francisco), but I'm in Chicago for work this week. The lesson here: take anything I say about recent in-game performances with a grain of salt.