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Open Thread 8/28/05: Tigers @ Red Sox


Raise your hand if you thought, after the third inning last night, that the Tigers had a chance. They were down 6-0 to the defending champs, and it looked like the Red Sox would keep scoring forever.

Enter a grand slam by D-Meat, three shutdown innings from Roman Colon, doubles by everyone, and even three walks. On the other side of that onslaught, it was the Tigers who looked like they would keep scoring until someone made them go home, and it was a 12-8 win.

They'll get a chance to keep scoring against David Wells today. Two weeks ago against Wells, the Tigers parlayed a bunch of seeing-eye singles into a five-run first inning and then held on for a win. They'll look to jump on him early again, as Nate Robertson tries to hold down the best bats in the bigs.