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Open Thread: 8/7/05 Indians @ Tigers


It's Scott Elarton against Jason Johnson this afternoon at 1:05, boys and girls, as the Tigers go for the swept against the Cleveland Indians.

The Indians throw Scott Elarton out there, man of contrasts. Elarton won 17 games in 2000, posted ERAs between 5.90 and 7.14 (consistent!) 2001-2004, but has now worked into the seventh inning in 11 straight starts this year and seems to be finally developing into something of a reliable major-league starter. One of those 11 starts was an easy handling of those inconsistent Tiger bats.

It's also Jason Johnson Sunday in Detroit. Meaningless news alert: Johnson is 0-2 on Sundays this year.

While we're talking Tribe, I'd like to extend a welcome to new SB Nation blogger Ryan, who is taking the reins at Let's Go Tribe and should be great at tapping into the baseball excitement of that festering sore (oh, just kidding) on Lake Erie.