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Open Thread: 8/9/05 Tigers @ Blue Jays


Sean Douglass (4-1, 3.32) looks to continue his winning ways against rookie Dustin McGowan (0-0, 4.50) and the surprisingly relevant Toronto Blue Jays. McGowan, making his third major-league start, was called the Jays' seventh-best prospect by John Sickels. He has yet to make it past the fifth inning, so look for a lot of bullpen action tonight. That's bad news. Four regular memebers of the Jays' bullpen are in the top thirty in the AL in Expected Wins Added. Regardless, color me pleased that Roy Halladay isn't quite ready to come back.

How surprisingly good has Douglass been? He leads Tiger starters in RA and HR/9, and is just behind Bonderman in H/9. His K/BB ratio is not good, however, a nasty portent for things t come.