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Indignities of a Nine-Game Losing Streak

  • The Tigers lost to the Kansas City Royals on Friday night. The Royals. 12-2.

  • Zack Grienke won Friday's game to improve to 4-16. He's beaten the Tigers twice.

  • Sean Douglass is still in the rotation as the Tigers try to satisfy some kind of morbid fascination about how high his ERA can get. Next stop: 7.00.

  • Roman Colon got his first start in a bid to make next year's starting rotation. He only lasted four innings and took the loss. At least he throws hard? He struck out zero batters.

  • A couple of weeks ago, the pitching was the problem. Before Friday's game, the pitching (except for Douglass and Colon) had settled down, averaging four runs allowed over the previous six. The problem? The Tigers scored a total of FIVE runs in those six games.

  • Who's to blame for the putrid offensive output? Take your pick. These are numbers over the last seven games: Dmitri Young .118/.211/.118; Omar Infante .136/.136/.227; Craig Monroe .087/.125/.087; Pudge Rodriguez .167/.259/.292. It goes on. The only player who didn't slow down is the enigma, Carlos Pena.

  • "I think we stink." -- Magglio Ordonez, 9/08/05

  • Attendance at Comerica Park dropped to 13,193 on Wednesday and under 24,000 on a beautiful Friday night home game.

But all is not lost. Carlos Pena drove the Tigers to victory last night, and Shelton and Granderson have powered them to a 3-0 lead early today. Plus, the Lions kick off in ten minutes, and they haven't fallen short of anyone's expectations yet.

I'll summon something more positive to say next time.