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Bad News is the Only News We Got

Caught by the Cutoff Man:

According to the Detroit Free Press, don't hold your breath for AAA pitcher Joel Zumaya to join the Detroit Tigers rotation after Toledo's season is over. Zumaya has a "tired arm" and won't pitch again this season.

'"His arm is tired," Tigers manager Alan Trammell said Sunday. The Tigers reportedly had considered calling up Zumaya for a start, but now will wait until spring training to see him. "He's too valuable to take any chances with," Trammell said.'

Speaking of injuries, Jeremey Bonderman, held back from one start with elbow soreness, will miss another, skipping Wednesday's scheduled start according to the Free Press. Sean Douglass will once again start in his place.

Remember that Zumaya is not yet 21, and we need to be patient with his progress. Even if he starts in AAA next year, he'll still be ahead of nearly his entire draft class. And then there's twin phenom Justin Verlander:

Verlander was somewhat more polished despite being in his first pro season. He made his Major League debut July 4 at Cleveland and made another start for the Tigers on July 23. However, he hasn't pitched anywhere since early August due to a tired arm. Though Verlander continues to work his arm back into shape and will pitch again this season, Trammell is sure it won't be in Detroit. "There's a good chance he stays down in instructional ball," Trammell said. The Tigers have ample history to justify their cautiousness. Kyle Sleeth, Detroit's first-round pick in the 2003 First-Year Player Draft, missed this entire season with elbow surgery. The Tigers' first-round pick in 2001, Kenny Baugh, missed most of the 2002 season with a torn labrum. Matt Wheatland, their first-round pick in 2000, is out of the organization after repeated injuries. Fellow first-round picks Seth Greisinger, Matt Anderson and Mike Drumright also had injury problems that shortened or derailed their Detroit careers....Once the Mud Hens' season ends -- they'll play the deciding game of their first-round series Sunday night -- Trammell said they'll call up a few players. The one guy Trammell guaranteed would be called up was Marcus Thames, who will give the Tigers some much-needed outfield depth with Dmitri Young hobbled

Get ready for more Sean Douglass. A lot more. Toledo, by the way, won their best-of-five in five and have moved on in the AAA playoffs.