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Tigers 4, Twins 2

Sean Douglass, I owe you an apology. Sure, you've been atrocious for six weeks now -- darn near the worst pitcher in the majors over that time. Sure you're only starting because every promising Tiger under 22 has a sore arm. But you went out there today and you pitched and you pitched well. Six innings, ninety pitches, five base-runners, and only one extra-base hit. Congrats.

Curtis Granderson had his best offensive day in the majors, coming a triple short of the cycle. That's common, but the reason he didn't get his cycle must be pretty rare: he didn't walk, or make an out, or have too many singles. Instead, he only came to the plate three times.

An impressive outing by young Twins' starter Francisco Liriano, too. The Twins' rotation is going to be scary for a while: Santana, Radke, Silva, Baker (who shut the Tigers down a couple of months ago), Liriano. But if they keep fielding an entire lineup of light-hitting middle-infielders and free-swinging outfielders, they'll be liable to lose more games to Sean Douglass types.