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Open Thread 9/16/05: Tigers @ Angels

Jason Johnson (8-12, 4.57) against John Lackey and his surprisingly good year (12-5, 3.30).

In which we present Exhibit A in the series entitled "How to Get Your Losing Team On Sportscenter": by playing contending teams, of course. You do even better by beating them and dropping them into first-place ties in their division. Curtis Granderson got lots of national pub for his inside-the-park-homerun yesterday (a play which Chone Figgins misplayed twice). Something tells me that wouldn't have happened if he'd hit that shot during the Tigers' next stop in Kansas City.

The Tigers only need to go 6-11 in their last 17 to beat last year's record. Four games left with the Royals and three with the Mariners make that look pretty much in the bag. .500, on the other hand, is a forgotten dream: we'd have to finish 14-3.