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Open Thread 9/2/05: Tigers @ White Sox


Someone, okay it was me, said that the Tigers would take three of four in Chicago this weekend. That means they need to win three in a row after getting shellacked last night. Sean Douglass tries to stop the bleeding -- remember this is a Tiger team that has given up 8 or more runs in seven of eight games -- as he takes his balooning ERA (now 5.58) into play at Comiskey tonight. He'll take on Freddy Garcia, also scuffling of late, but actually a legitimate major-league pitcher.

The Tigers celebrated roster expansion day by calling up Doug Creek to fill the role of aged lefty he played so well earlier in the season. I guess playoff-bound Toledo didn't need him, so he has to go suffer with the big club.

[editor's note, by Jeff] I'm idiotic. It isn't a four-game series.