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Shut Down For The Season

It's a sinking ship, and players are jumping off it like crazy. Below is an incomplete list of players who have been "shut down" for the year:

Jeremy Bonderman
Joel Zumaya
Justin Verlander
Ramon Colon
Dmitri Young

Not to mention those actually injured and rehabbing (Rondell White) and those who are effectively gone but are just trying to get in a few at bats (Carlos Guillen) and those who may play another game or two (Ivan Rodriguez, Magglio Ordonez) and those who maybe shouldn't (Omar Infante). Somehow the season turned sour on us, after it started so promising.

The flip side is Curtis Granderson, who is having a September to match Chris Shelton's May. He continues to hit for power and continues to get enough hits to carry his OBP to reasonable levels despite almost no walks. He is the sort of player the Tigers' farm system hasn't produced since Bobby Higginson -- a young hitter who can actually hit. Higginson may not look like great shakes from this standpoint, but he had a solid major-league career, in a way that Milt Cuyler and Eric Munson never did.

We lost to the White Sox tonight for the first time this series. The mojo Sean Douglass showed in two relief appearances disappeared, and a wily Cuban baffled the Tigers for eight innings. What was constant, though? Another home run for Carlos Pena. And three more strikeouts. His salary, Young, and Shelton make it nearly impossible for Pena to come back next year as a $3 million free agent, but he is a puzzle. What if there's a chance that he hits 40 next year? How can we let that happen in Pittsburgh or Tampa? Or do we have to?


Sorry for the giant gap between posts, and thanks to Mark for doing a bit to fill in the silence. Look for me to get back on schedule now, and for creative offseason programming.