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Open Thread: 9/5/05 Indians @ Tigers

Don't look now, but the Tigers are 63-71 and trending quickly towards last year's 72-90. They'll start a strange three-here-and-one-there four-gamer with Cleveland this afternoon at 1:05. The Indians are two games out of the wild-card chase after losing three of four against us and Minnesota. Mike Maroth takes the hill today for the Tigers. He was efficient and effective last time out against Cleveland, pitching at a level of quality only he and Jeremy Bonderman have been able to offer up in the past.

Scott Elarton goes for the Indians today. It's the fifth time he's faced the Tigers this season (fourth since this site launched in late June). He's only thrown one impressive outing against us, but he's 1-0. Chalk that up to Cleveland's bullpen, the best in the AL this year, on the back of names like Wickman, Riske, Betancourt, Rhodes, Miller, and Cabrera.