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All Nine, and a Save

Down on the farm, at the Tigers' Toledo Triple-A affiliate, IF Kevin Hooper had a remarkable day. Check out this line from the boxscore:

That's right. Nine positions. In order. And then there's this:

He got a save, pitching a perfect ninth. On top of all that, the team won. You might think that all this positional shifting might have posed a competitive disadvantage, but Indianapolis was in on it, too. They tried to do the same thing with Eddie Olszta, but they couldn't manage to get him a turn at catcher, so he only got to eight positions. Further evidence that the Mud Hens are the unmatched champions of excessive position-switching? Olszta, in his first relief appearance of the year, gave up two runs to pick up a blown save and the loss. Next stop for the Mud Hens: the playoffs.