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Bad Bonderman News That Could Be Good Bonderman News

From Will Carroll (subsription required):

Lateral elbow soreness. That sounds ominous when discussing Jeremy Bonderman and his golden arm. Bonderman has been working on a new pitch and the twisting has caused a bit of soreness. Twisting new pitch? Sounds like Bonderman and pitching coach Bob Cluck are working on a circle change. That could be good news long-term, even with the short-term setback.

As the Tigers' season gets ever more grim, it seems everyone is looking forward to next year. Look for Cluck and the Tigers to be very careful with Bonderman, and to shut him down and the slightest provocation. The young man's thrown a lot of innings this year. It'd be nice to get to 15 wins this season, but nicer to get to 150 over the next ten.