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I think they call it "backing into the playoffs."

The Tigers lost today, 10-8 in extra innings, to complete a sweep at the hands of the 100 loss Kansas City Royals. Combining today's loss with a Minnesota win over the White Sox gave the Twins the Central Division crown. The thing that makes this "painful" is the fact that the Tigers had been in first place in the division since May.

With only the Wild Card secured, the Tigers must now travel to New York to take on the Yankees. If they would have taken the division, they would be at home against the Oakland Athletics, what seemingly looks like an easier matchup. Now it looks like the Tigers have no chance to get past the first round, but my question is this: If this team can't get enough urgency to win at least one against the Royals at home in the final series of the season to take the division, why would they be favored to beat the West Champion A's in a playoff series with the homefield advantage?

There are some advantages to this though:

  1. The Tigers are in the playoffs
  2. The Red Sox fans will be cheering for us
  3. The games will be on at 8 pm because they're facing the Yanks
I'm not taking anything away from this season. There were some absolutely great moments, and I think that this team has nowhere to go but up. This makes the season even better. Some of the midseason acquisitions didn't pan out, but I can't blame DD for making moves he thought would and learn, I guess.

Anyways, congrats to the Twins on the division. After having what I would consider an "amazing" run in this second half of the season, I would say they would deserve everything they've gotten. They are going to be a tough opponent in the playoffs for any team.

Bring on the Yanks, I guess. It'll be fun to see the Tigers in the playoffs again (I was 5 the last time they made it). I'm definitely looking forward to it, but was expecting to be watching it under different circumstances coming into this weekend.