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Game 2 TV Set

I know that all focus is on Game 1 right now, but here is something from Beck's blog discussing the television coverage for ALCS game 2:

The ALCS schedule released today has Game 2 as an 8:19 p.m. ET start Wednesday, but it won't be a FOX game for everybody. If you live in Michigan or the Bay Area, you'll get it on FOX. Outside of those areas, Game 1 of the NLCS is expected to be the FOX game for most viewers, leaving Tigers-A's on FX.
Other game times have been set as well (hat tip to Knobler):
Game 3 at Comerica is also an 8:19 start. Game 4 Saturday is 7:30. Game 5 is 4 p.m. Games 6 and 7 in Oakland would be 8 p.m. ET. Game 1 and Games 3-7 would be shown on FOX everywhere.