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Grandy Will Lead Off This Evening

I thought that Leyland would go back to his lineup he put out there against the Big Unit last week, but it looks like he'll keep the same lineup that has been consistently out there.

This is according to Beck:

As it turns out, Leyland is keeping his regular lineup tonight. That means Granderson leads off, Polanco second, Casey third, and so on. Left-handed hitters bat slightly better against Zito than right-handers (.260 compared to .257), plus Leyland didn't want to bat Monroe second after his 3-for-16 series against the Yankees.

Granderson has a .218 average against Leftys this season, causing Leyland to leave him out of the lineup or drop him down in these cases. I guess Leyland is going with the lineup that got him into the second round against RHP.

In other lineup news Justin Verlander may only get one start in this series, per Tom Gage, Tigers beat writer:

From Oakland - the Tigers just announced that they're keeping the same rotation as in the division series - which means that Nate Robertson opens tomorrow vs. Barry Zito and Justin Verlander goes against Esteban Loaiza on Wednesday - Rogers, Bonderman and Robertson for the three games at home, if there are three games at home

So Verlander will pitch game 2, but will not pitch directly after Robertson at home. If there is a game 7, he may get the start, but the rotation will not stay the same during the home games in the ALCS.