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Zumaya: Wrist Tendonitis

I'm sure most of you have heard about Joel Zumaya's lingering wrist soreness that allowed him a day off for game turns out that he more than likely will not be pitching in game 3 as well.

Let's just hope that this soreness isn't consistent throughout his playing days. Obviously anyone who throws that hard nearly every pitch will suffer some sort of soreness over time, but it is not very good to see it this early in his career.

I was a little surprised to see Joel pitch in game 1 seeing that the Tigers had a 5 run lead at the time. Leyland obviously stuck with his guns and threw Zoom in there to pitch the 8th. In reality this may not be the sole contributor to the wrist injury, in fact I know it isn't. However, whenever Joel can rest his cannon for an arm, I feel that Leyland must take that opportunity.

Let's just hope for a speedy recovery on this one.