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The Lineups for Game 3

Here are the starting lineups for Game 3, per Danny Knobler:

  • Granderson CF
  • Monroe LF
  • Polanco 2B
  • Ordonez RF
  • Guillen 1B
  • Rodriguez C
  • Infante DH
  • Inge 3B
  • Santiago SS
  • Kendall C
  • Kotsay CF
  • Bradley RF
  • Thomas DH
  • Payton LF
  • Chavez 3B
  • Swisher 1B
  • Scutaro SS
  • Jimenez 2B
Ramon Santiago? Omar Infante? I was expecting to see Infante in game 2 instead of Neifi, but that didn't happen. After Gomez had his good game I was expecting to see him in there today, but that's not happening. It really is hard to get a hold of what Jim Leyland is thinking and doing.