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Bring on the Cards

The Tigers now have an opponent: The St. Louis Cardinals. After winning a very exciting game 7 tonight over the New York Mets, the Cardinals will travel to Detroit to take on the well-rested Tigers. These are two teams that both faded down the stretch: The Cards avoided giving up the division while the Tigers did. However, both have played well when it counted and find themselves battling for the MLB crown.

I don't think that the rest factor will make too much of a difference here, although it could very well show with a lot of the Cardinals pitchers - a factor that could be a huge difference in the series. It was a very tough NLCS for the Cardinals, but I feel that La Russa will definitely have them ready to go.

It will be fun to watch two great but not glamorous baseball cities take part in this championship series. I'm sure ESPN wanted at least one team from New York for ratings but I know that I, along with the cities of St Louis and Detroit, will be watching these games. That's all that counts.

Congrats to the Cardinals on winning the NLCS. I can't wait for the series to start. And on a side note, Jeff Weaver may start game 1 for St. Louis.

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