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I Think That It's Called "Desperation"

Desperation is the word of the night after the Tigers lost 5-4 to the Cardinals in game 4 of the WS, giving St. Louis a dominating 3-1 series lead and taking the term "getting things done" to the next level. This leaves the Tigers desperate for wins, desperate for hits, desperate for good fielding and overall desperate for some sort of consistent success at something.

Coming into tonight's game a lot of the chatter was regarding the combo of Pudge, Granderson and Polanco going 0-34 combined in the first 3 games. As any casual observer of baseball could see, at least one of these guys would have to produce some sort of successful at bats for the Tigers to have any type of chance in this series. They got a very good performance out of Pudge, an extra base hit out of Granderson, but in the end performances such as Magglio Ordonez' (0-5) and Craig Monroe's (0-5) did just as much damage as the 0-34 combo in the end.

In the end this game turned out being what could be described an emotional rollercoaster. Even when the Tigers tied it in the top of the 8th I did not have much confidence, as it was a night that seemed once again to belong to the Red-Birds. A slip on a fly ball, a terrible error by a pitcher once again and 3 David Eckstein doubles were some of the keys during a game in which the Tigers didn't do enough and the Cardinals did just enough.

Obviously this series is not over, but it sure looks that way. It would take a drastic change of the mental state and performance of the team. The St. Louis Cardinals have done everything better in this World Series, and are deservedly in their position to take the MLB championship in Game 5.