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Congrats to the Cards - 2006 Champs

I just want to say congratulations to the Cardinals organization for their tremendous playoff run and resulting World Championship. They faced a lot of doubters near the end of the regular season, persevered and did what was required to take the ultimate prize. Congratulations.

As for the Tigers, what can I say? It's been a very exhausting week mentally for all Tigers fans, ending in just another one of "those games" tonight. A combination of poor hitting here, bad defense there, baserunning blunders here, a couple bad bounces there...nothing could go right for the Tigers in this series, and they did nothing whatsoever to put themselves in any kind of position that would result in success. It's extremely disappointing to say, but the Cardinals did everything better in this series and this is why they dominated the way they did.

It's been a great run for the 2006 Detroit Tigers. No one expected them to have the year they had. They made this season extremely exciting from day 1 and brought baseball fan-dom back in a big way to the city of Detroit, a city that has been starving for success for a long, long time. Plus, there are several positive building blocks we as fans can look forward to for the future. Perhaps getting these chances for titles may become somewhat of a trend? In the end I would just like to say thanks to the organization for making it fun to be a Tigers fan again.

I'll have more to say tomorrow and hopefully be able to put into words some of the things that I am thinking about this conclusion to the 2006 baseball season and the end of the Tigers run. Right now, though, it's the Cardinals time to celebrate.