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What the Tigers Blog-Dome is Saying

Fresh off a WS loss, this is what other Tigers bloggers had to say around the 'net:

TigerBlog's Brian at the Hardball Times

This was definitely a series in which one team did things right and the other team didn't. The Cardinals hit the ball while the Tigers didn't. The Tigers made some pretty bad errors while the Cardinals generally got it done on the field.
I'm not sure what I'm more disappointed about. That my Tigers lost, or that baseball is over. Regardless, Cardinals fans have something to be happy about. It's been 24 years and it's a well deserved championship.

The Detroit Tigers Weblog
My sincerest congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans. The Cardinals went out and outplayed the Tigers. St. Louis is a great, historic organization with a tremendous fan base. Enjoy the next year as defending World Champions. You earned it.
Once again we're saying wait til next year, but this time we're doing it with a banner to hang. The only thing that hurts is that it is so tough to get to the World Series in the first place. The Tigers could field a healthy competitive team next year and still finish 3rd in their division. Nothing is a given and that's why I tried to savor this experience, even if it was painful at the end.

Tiger Tales

It was the first Cardinal World Series victory since they beat the Brewers in 1982. We all know that the Tiger fans have suffered though a lot of losing over the years but The Cardinal fans have suffered a different kind of fate. The Cardinals had appeared in the post-season 8 times in the past 24 years without a World Series victory. This included World Series losses in 1985, 1987 and 2004.

So, there are a lot of happy Cardinal fans right now. One of the biggest is my father who remembers them winning the 1934 series versus the Tigers but also remembers them losing to the Tigers in 1968, my first year as a Tiger fan. 38 years later, he finally got his revenge.

Roar of the Tigers
Congrats to the Cards and their fans. They earned it. We materially helped them along, but they earned it. And that's as gracious as I'm capable of being right now. It was a great season for the Tigers, a riotous rollercoaster of a season, loud and brash and so far over everyone's head that we all got cricks in our necks from staring at it. You can't deny how awesome that was. You can't deny how good it felt to care about the Tigers this late into the season again (or, if you're around my age, for the first time).

Mack Avenue Tigers
What is it they say? "Wait 'til next year!"? Next year on April 2, the Tigers raise the American League pennant above Comerica Park to throngs of cheering Tigers fans and players holding their heads high. There's no reason to think they won't be right in the thick of adding another next year, and maybe going a step further.

The World is theirs for the taking.